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This RGB LED Amplifier/Repeater can handle a 12/24VDC input up to 144W and comes with two separate input connections. The output of the repeater has 3-channels, each capable of a 4 Amp (4A) load. 


If you want to control all the RGB lamps synchronously then 1pcs controller is enough and the quanity of the amplifiers is beased on the toal power of the lamps.

If you don't want all the RGB lamps change the colors synchronously then you need several controllers. The lamps which are connected to one controller will be synchronously.


The max output for our bluetooth controller is 360w, the remote controller is about 240w, the power amplifier is 360w.


For 3pcs 180w RGB lamps, if you want to use 1pcs controller to control all of them synchronously then 1pcs controller and 1 power amplifier is enough.

If you choose the bluetooth controller then you can connect 2pcs lamps on the controller and 1 lamp on the power amplifier OR connect one lamp on the controller and 2 lamps on the power amplifier.

If you choose the remote controller then you can connect 1 lamp on the controller and 2 lamps on the power amplifier.

Underwater Lights Led Amplifier


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