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I offer a FREE Tuition and FREE service where I fine tune the unit once the transducer has been installed.

For a competitive rate I can professionally INSTALL the transducer.


Call Darren Buttigieg to arrange pick up or questions on 0407090494
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Pick up available from Keilor or Safety Beach or happy to post for a small fee...

If you do not find the transducer your looking for please notify me for a price

Trust Airmar’s new broadband transducers for the ultimate fishing mission! Whether you’re a commercial fisherman, charter captain, or tournament angler, there’s a new game in town. Traditional marine fish finders operate at discreet frequencies such as 50 kHz and 200 kHz, use relatively short-duration pulses, and use narrowband sonar transducers. In contrast, Chirp uses a precise sweep pattern of many frequencies within a long-duration transmit pulse from a broadband transducer, so the equivalent sound energy transmitted into the water is 10 to 1,000 times greater than a conventional marine fish finder.
Specifically designed for small boats (25′-40′), the TM265LH Chirps across the following bandwidths:
LH Model – Low Frequency 42-65 kHz/High Frequency 130-210 kHz
8 Internal Broadband Ceramics
Depth & fast response water temperature sensor
Low frequency: 42-65 kHz (25° to 16° beamwidth)
High frequency: 130-210 kHz (10° to 6° beamwidth)
Urethane housing and stainless steel mounting bracket
Boat Size: 8 m to 12 m (25’ to 40’)
Boat type: Outboards, I/O
Hull type: Fiberglass, Wood, Metal
Can retrofit to existing TM258 & TM260 bracket

TM265LH 1KW Xsonic Chirp Transducer Furuno,Garmin,Raymarine,etc

  • Compatible with these Fishfinder Depth Sounders Lowrance plotter hds gen2 gen 2, lowrance gen3 gen 3,Lowrance carbon 7 9 12 16 carbon7 carbon9 carbon12 carbon16 , live 7 9 12 16 live7 live9 live12 live16 , elite 7 9 12 16, elite7,elite9,elit12,elite 7 9 12 16 ti2 7fs 9fs 12fs 16fs elite7fs,elite9fs,elite12fs,elite16fs,hook,hds7,hds9,hds12,hds16,Simrad evo2 evo 2 ,simrad evo3 evo 3 evo 3s, evo3s,simrad nss9 nss12 nss16,Simrad Go 7 9 12 16 xsc xsr, Simrad 2009 S2009 nsx 3007 3009 3012 Compatible with these Fishfinder Depth Sounders gps Hummingbird Apex 16 13 19 solex 10 12 15 G2, Helix 5x 7 8 9 10 12 15 G3 & G3N, Furuno fcv295,fcv588,fcv1150,fcv628.fcv688,625,688,627,628,585,57,588,295,1150,tzt2,tzt3,tz2,tz3,tz touch 2 3, gp1971f, gp1971 Raymarine Axiom pro 7 9 12 16 RV,  rvx,Raymarine element 7 9 12 hv 12s 7HV,9HV,12HV, Garmin echomap plus 955v, ultra 1255v, gpsmap, gps map 1022xsv,1222xsv touch,752xs,952xs, 9sv, 65cv, 75cv,95sv,105sv,8412xsv, 8410xsv,xs xsv, 8410xsv,8416xsv, 751xs,750t,95v,7cv,7410xsv,ultra 125sv,Helix g4n, solix g3


    Contact Us Directly to purchase:

    Darren Buttigieg


    Local Phone: 0407090494

    International Phone: +61407090494

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