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I offer a FREE Tuition and FREE service where I fine tune the unit once the transducer has been installed.


For a competitive rate I can professionally INSTALL the transducer.




Call Darren Buttigieg to arrange pick up or questions on 0407090494


Pick up available from Keilor or Safety Beach or happy to post for a small fee...

If you do not find the transducer your looking for please notify me for a price.


R509LHW Chirp-ready External Mount

3 kW

The R509 is the go-to transducer for today’s top captains who want maximum depth capability combined with the excellent target resolution of the high-frequency band.

This powerhouse transducer delivers extreme target detail, bottom discrimination, and bait and game-fish separation at all depths. The R509LHWis packed with a twenty-five element, low-frequency array that operates at anywhere between 28 and 60 kHz.

The single, high-frequency on the R509LHW ceramic operates at any frequency between 130 and 210 kHz and has a  (25°) beam  delivering amazing target resolution and bottom detail.

Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensor
2 to 3 kW of power for exceptional deep-water performance 
Maximum performance to 3,048 m (10,000')

Maximum depth of 457 m (1,500')
112 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
Covers popular fishing frequencies of 50 and 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth
Urethane housing with fairing for optimal performance
Also available as pocket/keel (CM599LH) and in-hull (R599LH) mounts
Exclusive Xducer ID® technology
The R509 is a high-performance, in-hull, dual-band CHIRP transducer with a fiberglass tank. It has 25 internal broadband ceramic elements. 

Low Frequency Band28-60 kHz
Medium Frequency Band80-130 kHz
High Frequency Band130-210 kHz
Housing Fiberglass tank
Power Rating2-3 kW
Active Ceramic Elements 25
Beam Widths9-23° in Low band; 8-13° in Medium band; 4-8° in High band
Temperature Sensor This transducer has no temperature sensor
Transducer Cable 10 meters (32.8 feet) with bare wire connection
Hull Material Solid fiberglass only
Overall Height 222mm (8.73")
Overall Width 436mm (17.18")
Overall Depth 224mm (8.80")

Available Models

Version Name
Low (28-60 kHz) and Medium (80-130 kHz) bands
Low (28-60 kHz) and High (130-210 kHz) bands

Airmar R509LHW 2-3KW XSonic Chirp Transducer for all Sounder models

$7,300.00 Regular Price
$6,990.00Sale Price

    Contact Us Directly to purchase:

    Darren Buttigieg


    Local Phone: 0407090494

    International Phone: +61407090494

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