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M265LM D In Hull Low-Medium Transducer
The M265 is an outstanding in-hull option with 8 internal ceramics and up to 117kHz of total CHIRP range. The in-hull installation eliminates the need to drill any holes in the hull, while accommodating a large range of deadrise angles.
M265 CHIRP In Hull Transducers are the ultimate in Fish finding technology!
Imagine knowing what exact frequencies work the best at detecting specific Fish species: Bluefin Tuna—60 kHz, Squid—133 kHz, and Cod—175 kHz. Now imagine tuning your Fishfinder to these frequencies, marking the Fish precisely on the screen, then catching them! With the M265 mounted inside your Hull and connected to a tunable Fishfinder, you too can have a Log book like a commercial fisherman.
This powerhouse Transducer delivers extreme target detail, bottom discrimination, and bait and game Fish separation at all depths down to 914 m (3,000’). The >Broadband M265 is the industry’s first, fully-tunable,1 kW, In-Hull Transducer. As tunable fishfinders become more common in the sportfishing market, captains will adjust the Fishfinder and Transducer Frequency based on the fishing conditions and target Species.
Chirp Transducers - Deeper Broader Clearer GAME CHANGING TECHNOLOGY!
Raymarine: Connects to the Raymarine CP450C CHIRP Sounder Module (includes CP450C Plug on Cable)
B265 CHIRP In Hull Transducers feature:
Beam Angle = 0º
Frequency: L=42-65 kHz, M=85-135 kHz, H=130-210 kHz
Power: 1kW
Low: 25 to 16 degree beamwidth
Medium: 16 to 11 degree beamwidth
High: 10 to 6 degree beamwidth
Plastic / urethane Transducer housing

copy of Airmar M265LM Xsonic Broadband Chirp Transducer for all Sounder models

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