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I offer a FREE Tuition and FREE service where I fine tune the unit once the transducer has been installed.


For a competitive rate I can professionally INSTALL the transducer.




Call Darren Buttigieg to arrange pick up or questions on 0407090494




Pick up available from Keilor or Safety Beach or happy to post for a small fee...

If you do not find the transducer your looking for please notify me for a price.


Having the right tool for the job makes the job easier and gives better results. The right tool for covering deep-water haunts of swordfish, tuna, and other species is a 2 to 3 kW, low and medium-frequency transducer. The Chirp-ready CM599LM delivers the deep-water performance of the low frequency down to 3048 m (10000') plus the detailed returns produced by the narrower beams of the medium band.


Chirp technology shows 5 to 10 times-greater detail and resolution than conventional frequencies. The CM599LM Chirps across the low frequency bandwidth of 28 to 60 kHz and the medium frequency from 80 to 130 kHz. This transducer delivers up to 82 kHz of total bandwidth in a single installation.



  • Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensoring
  • 2 to 3 kW of power for superior deep-water performance
  • Low frequency: 28 to 60 kHz
    • 23° to 9° port-starboard beamwidth
    • 11° to 5° fore-aft beamwidth
    • Maximum depth of 3048 m (10000')
  • Medium frequency: 80 to 130 kHz
    • 13° to 8° beamwidth
    • Maximum depth of 914 m (3000')
  • 82 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Covers popular fishing frequencies of 38, 50, 88, and 107 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth
  • Resin housing with curved-edge design for wet-box installation
  • Designed for custom installation in a cavity or welded tank
  • Also available as in-hull (R599LM) and thru-hull external (R509LM) mounts
  • Patented Xducer ID technology


Brand: Airmar Technology

Acoustic Window: Epoxy/urethane

Cable-Length: 15 m (49')

Common Use: Fishing, Commercial Fishing

Connector: Bare Wire

Country of Origin: USA

Cross Reference: CM599LM

Display Connector: 0

Frequency Band: Low-Medium

Housing Material: Urethane

Hull Material: Fiberglass or metal

Low Frequency: 28-60 kHz

Low Frequency Beamwidth: 11°x23°-5°x9°

Max Deadrise: Accommodates any deadrise angle based on custom installation

Max Deadrise Angle: Any

Max Depth: Low frequency- 3048 m (10000'), Medium frequency- 3048 m (10000')

Max Vessel LOA: 12 m (40') and above

Medium Frequency: 80-130 kHz

Medium Frequency Beamwidth: 13°-8°

Mounting Style: Tank, Cavity, Pocket/Keel Mount

Power Rating: 2-3 kW

Single or Dual Frequency: CHIRP-Ready Dual-Band

Tilted Element: No

Transducer Functions: Depth, Temperature

Weight: 13.8 kg (30.3 lb.)

CM599LM Transducer SUIT ALL BRANDS Simrad,Lowrance,Garmin,etc

$8,800.00 Regular Price
$6,190.00Sale Price

    Contact Us Directly to purchase:

    Darren Buttigieg


    Local Phone: 0407090494

    International Phone: +61407090494

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